Egypt Embassy Attestation and Egypt VISA Stamping

Egypt Embassy Attestation is required for many cases, like work/Job opportunities in Egypt. any individual who is willing to work in Egypt have required the Egypt Embassy Attestation.

Egypt is now a growing country in the world offering opportunities for Indians, for Employment inside Egypt, in the field of Engineering, Medical, or any other official non-official. so any person who is going to Egypt it's advisable to get the Egypt Embassy Attestation on their Educational or Non-Educational Certificates so they gain opportunity easily.

The consular section in the Egypt Embassy, New Delhi operating Attestation for All types of Documents including Educational and Non-Educational they also accept commercial documents.

To get Egypt Embassy Attestation we have to follow their guidelines so that our case will not be rejected.

See the Procedure for Egypt Attestation in 2021

Egypt Embassy Attestation for Educational & Non-Educational Certificates

1.WE should have an original degree certificate or any other certificates duly attested from MEA(Ministry of External Affairs)

2.MEA Attested Certificates can be processed for The Egypt Embassy Attestation

Note: Both Educational and Non-Educational Certificates have the same Process.

Egypt Embassy Attestation on Commercial Documents