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Saudi Embassy: Practices

Saudi Embassy Attestation/Legalization

Saudi Embassy Attestation mosadqa verification

Attestation of Educational Documents from the Saudi Embassy

Apostille for Saudi
The Saudi cultural attaché changed its verification process for degree attestation this Friday (21 October 2023) and the new rule has come into effect. Now its fees can be very high and time too. Call now.

State Attestation: Attestation from the respective state authority is the requirement in the very initial stage of general attestation. State attestation is the very basic attestation and here the attestation has to be generated from the state the document has been issued. Respective state authorized body verifies the documents/certificates like HRD, GAD, SDM, etc. for further processing.

MEA Attestation: MEA / Apostille attestation is done after the state has verified the document. MEA attests to the document and verifies its authenticity to be used in Saudi Arabia or for any global purpose. This is the second stage of general attestation.

Culture Attestation: Culture Attestation is undertaken by the Cultural Division of The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in case of Educational documents. The cultural attestation is done after the MEA has attested the particular educational document. In Cultural attestation, The Cultural division of The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia cross-verifies the authenticity of the particular educational document from the respective university itself.

Embassy Attestation: After the attestation from the state and MEA is completed and cultural attestation is done in the case of educational documents, the documents proceed for Saudi Arabia Embassy attestation. Here the Embassy legalizes the document and authenticates it to be used in Saudi Arabia. From 2023 the Cultural Attestation is suffiecient and Final.


  • As Per The Broad Guidelines Issued By The Royal Embassy Of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi, Applicants Requiring Attestation Of Educational Documents Are Required To Follow The Principles Detailed Below:

  • Applicants cannot submit their documents directly to the Cultural Division of the Embassy. The applicants must deposit their documents at any agency for legalization.

  • The Culture Division will not attest/legalize any educational document without getting the genuineness verified by the agency on behalf of the Cultural Division of the Embassy;

Important Note

Saudi Cultural Division will not accept for attestation / legalization, any distance / correspondence / open university / Private learning or 1 year / 6 month Diploma / degree certificate.

Requirements for Saudi Embassy Attestation on Educational Certificates

  1. All Educational Documents should be authenticated by the HRD of the State from where the document was issued.

  2. Original job Offer / Job Agreement/ Working Letter, duly attested by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) must be submitted along with the educational documents. (The Job Officer or Job Agreement must contain an HR reference number);

  3. One clear photocopy of the Passport must be enclosed.

  4. One clear photocopy of the Iqama / wakala, if any, and a Visa must be enclosed.

  5. AADHAAR card Photocopy of Applicant.

  6. PAN Copy of Applicant.

  7. Original mark sheets for all semesters along with the original degree/diploma must be submitted.

  8. Affidavit Ask your agent for the format.

  9. In case of the applicant being selected by the Ministry of Health, a confirmation letter from the Medical Attaché of the Embassy is required to be enclosed

  10. In case of the applicant being selected by the Ministry of Defense, a confirmation letter from the Military Attaché of the Embassy is required to be enclosed

  11. In case of the applicant being selected by the Ministry of Higher Education, a confirmation letter from the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy is required to be submitted.

Latest Updates on Saudi Cultural Attestation

From 2023, Apostille (QR type) on the Degree Certificate (Educational Certificates) is sufficient for Visa Stamping on the passport purposes in the Saudi Arabia Embassy.

Saudi Cultural Attache attestation from the Cultural Attache department of the Saudi Embassy in New Delhi is still required on degree certificates ( Educational Certificates) for the Iqama Purpose in Saudi Arabia. applicants are advised to the cultural attestation earliest or Before going to Saudi Arabia as per your own situation. to learn more chat on WhatsApp at +91-9650-128-900 (language on WhatsApp- Hindi or English)

All the documents will be sanitize prior to submit in the Royal Saudi Embassy. Charges are applicable for the same.

Saudi Attestation

Apostille with QR

Saudi Cultural Attache' Attestation (saca)

  • Apostille Can Be Issued from the M.E.A Government of India.

  • Apostille is Valid for All Hague Convention Countries including Saudi Arabia.

  • Apostille with QR code is Online Apostille and it can be Verified Online.

  • Apostille is a basic requirement.

  • Apostille is Mandatory for Saudi Arabia from 2022.

  • Apostille is Valid for the Purposes of Visa Stamping, Iqama, etc..

  • Cultural Attestation is Part of the Saudi Foreign Mission/ Saudi Embassy.

  • Saudi Cultural Attache’ is Still Stamping the Degree Certificates on Demand.

  • Saudi Cultural Attache’ can help you in getting a Professional Iqama Category not like a Labor Category.

  • Nowadays it has become optional.

  • Advise to contact the KSA HR about their requirements.

Apostille for Saudi qr code apostille

Saudi Cultural Attestation SACA

Experts Opinion: Do Apostille if you don't have sufficient time, Urgent Joining, Business Visa types Stamping.

Experts Opinion: Do Saca if having sufficient time, Profesional Iqama Purpose.

After Apostille saca attestation will be required.

saca Attestation is complete attestation no further attestation will be required after that.

Attestation of Non-Educational Documents from Saudi Embassy.

Any documents other than educational and commercial are called non-educational documents. like Marriage Certificates, Birth certificates, Nikah-Nama, Affidavit, etc..

Getting attestation on Non-Educational documents is easy.

Step 1


Documents should be attested from GAD/ Delhi SDM/ Mumbai Mantralaya/ Home Department of the State.

Delhi SDM is acceptable for non-educational documents, but HRD/GAD is not mandatory for Non-Educational Documents.

Step 2


Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs Govt. of India (M.E.A).

The direct approach in M.E.A. is not allowed for Individuals.
The M.E.A. process for Saudi is different, please care with the same, and ask with your agent.

Step 3

Saudi Embassy Attestation

After the MEA Attestation Saudi Embassy Can Legalize or Attest the documents.

Supporting documents for attestation of Non-Educational Documents

  1. Original and translation Versions will be attested.

  2. Original Certificate

  3. Passport copies

  4. Iqama Copies

Important Note

  1. Direct Approach in the Saudi Embassy is not allowed for individuals.

  2. SACA is not required for any Non-Educational Documents.

  3. Arabic Translations is mandatory for Non-Educational Documents. & translations should also be attested from MEA.

  4. All the documents will be sanitized prior to submission to the Royal Saudi Embassy. Charges are applicable for the same.

Attestation of Commercial Documents from Saudi Embassy

any documents which are commercial in nature, or contain business-related words are commercial documents.

Saudi Embassy Attesting the commercials documents.

Step 1

Documents should be attested by the respective Chamber of Commerce.

Step 2

Documents should be attested from the Ministry of External Affairs (M.E.A) govt. of India.

Step 3

After MEA Attestation the Saudi Embassy can Legalize the documents.

Supporting documents for attestation of Commercial Documents

  1. Covering letter of the company on the letterhead of the respective Company

  2. Passport Copy of the authorized person of the Company

  3. Saudi Company Registration Copy (CR Copy)

  4. Iqama Copy of All Saudi Representatives

Important Note

  1. All the documents will be sanitized prior to submission to the Royal Saudi Embassy. Charges are applicable for the same.

  2. Direct Approach in the Saudi Embassy is not allowed for individuals.

Get the Bangladeshi certificate attested by Saudi Embassy New Delhi. Call today itself.

Bangladeshi Certificates Attestation from Saudi Cultural Attache in New Delhi India.

Any Educational Certificate issued by Bangladeshi Institutions/Universities that are listed on the Saudi Cultural Attache portal Can be Attested from the Cultural Attache of Saudi Arabia in New Delhi India.

The process can be started as follows Step 1- The certificate should be attested by the Ministry of Education Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Step 2- The certificate should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

Step 3- Applicant can Courier the Original Certificate Attested as mentioned above to our New Delhi Office Address to start the process of Saudi Cultural Attestation. WhatsApp on +91-9650-128-900

in this third process, the certificate will be reverified by the SACA from the University by post or in a prescribed manner which may take time similar to the Indian certificates process.
Bangladeshi Certificate Attestation saca

Collection & Delivery process:

1) You or your authorized representative can personally deliver the certificates to our office.

2) You may also courier your documents to our office.

Mode of Payment:

You may wish to take any of the following routes for making the payment of required fees and service charges:

  • Send Cheque/Demand Drafts

  • Deposit cash in our bank account and mail the deposit receipt

  • Transfer the amount online through Net Banking

  • UPI Accepted

  • Digital Wallet Payment Accepted

Why Choose us

  • Best services at affordable prices

  • Readiness to help you anytime 24*7**

  • Responding to your queries right away

  • Facilitating and providing services of Attestation/legalization of all documents/Certificates by all Embassies/High Commissions.

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