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Qatar Embassy Attestation/legalization


Service Description:

It is a service that aims to impart legal status on  Educational documents for use inside and outside the State of Qatar,  such as the following:

  • Education certificates issued by Recognised Indian Universities. Like Degree, Marksheet, Bonafide, etc..

  • Non-Educational Documents Issued by Indian Authorities or Departments. Like Marriage certificate, Birth and Death Certificates, etc..

  • Commercial Documents Issued by any Organization in India. Like Origin, invoice, Packing List etc..

Terms and requirements:

  • Educational Documents must be Authenticated from the issuing state in India and after that should be attested by Ministry of External Affairs Govt of India.

  • Non-Educational Documents should be Attested by MEA as per there rules and regulations.

  • Commercial documents should be attested by the respective Chamber of Commerce and by Ministry of External Affairs Government of India.

General instructions:

  • The document applied for attestation must include a group of stamps and signatures ending with a stamp and signature approved by the Department.

  • The authorities of the Government of the State of Qatar are responsible for the ratification of documents issued by them, as well as copies of those documents.

  • If the information on an attested document or any of its signatures or stamps, turns out to be incorrect, the attestation will be considered void and null, in which case the department of consular affairs will reserve the right to file claims to the concerned authorities.

  • The Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its affiliates are not responsible for the contents of the document. However, they 'll refuse to ratify any document that its content proves to be contrary to the regulations of the State of Qatar.

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