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Embassy Attestation 


Venezuela Embassy Attestation and Apostille for Venezuela.

Venezuela is a member of HCCH. as per the HCCH law the country accepts the Apostille Attestation as valid legalization instead of Embassy Attestation.

In India, the Venezuela Embassy in New Delhi provides the legalization Facilities for Indian commercial documents.

Apostille Process for Venezuela

Step 1 = State Authentication / HRD / GAD / SDM / Chamber of Commerce

  1. Educational Certificates should be authenticated by State HRD Department or Delhi SDM.

  2. Non-Educational Certificates Should be attested by State GAD Department or Delhi SDM.

  3. Commercial Documents should be attested by the respective Chamber of Commerce.

Step 2 = Apostille Process

  1. Educational Certificates can be apply for Apostille in M.E.A through an agency.

  2. Non-Educational Certificates cab be apply for Apostille in M.E.A through an agency.

  3. Commercial Documents can be apply for Apostille in M.E.A through an agecy.

Direct Approach in M.E.A Govt. of India. for Apostille and Attestation is not allowed for indivduals.

Venezuela Embassy Legalization Process for Indian commercial documents.

Step 3 = legalization

After Step 2 (as mentioned in Apostille process in the commercial section), the attested documents can be apply in Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for the Legalization. the embassy may ask for legalizations fees.

Venezuela Embassy Attestation on Commercial Documents
Venezuela Embassy Attestation


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