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BENIN  Embassy Attestation/Legalizations

Types of Documents/Certificates

1)Educational Documents 2) Non- Educational Documents 3) Commercial Documents

Educational Certificates:

Diploma and all other professional degree/certificates, Graduation Degree, Post-Graduation Degree, Doctorate Degree, Matriculation, Intermediate, Certificates, , Transfer Certificates, Bonafide Certificates, Transcript Certificates, etc.

Non-Educational Certificates:

Work Experience Certificates, Birth Certificates, Affidavits, Marriage Certificates, Registration Certificates of professional bodies, Power of Attorney, Death Certificates, Migration Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Internship certificates, Police Clearance Certificates, Medical Certificates, etc.

Commercial documents:

Business agreement, Dissolution of Business, Business Registration Certificate, Business Patent, Certificate of Origin, General Power of Attorney, Special Power of Attorney, No Objection Certificate, Income Tax Certificate, Sale Tax Certificate, Memorandum of Articles, Memorandum of Association, Government Approval Letters and all other certificates/documents relating to trade/business, Invoices, etc


BENIN  Embassy legalizes a specific certificate/document after the MEA has authenticated that certificate/document. There are 3 types of Indian documents Educational, Non- Educational and Commercial that can be attested from BENIN  Embassy in India. Before the final certificate attestation, the document has to go through some compulsory attestation from various authorized authorities in India. The detailed attestation procedure is as follows-

Educational Certificate Attestation from BENIN  Embassy in India

Process: Attestation by State Education Department (HRD only) of respective state + Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) + Attestation from BENIN  Embassy;

Non- Educational Certificate or Document Attestation from BENIN  Embassy in India

Process 1: Attestation by State Home Department of respective state + Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) + Attestation from BENIN  Embassy;


Process 2 (Case Specific): Attestation by Maharashtra Home Department + Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) + Attestation from BENIN  Embassy;


Process 3 (Case Specific): Attestation by Sub Division Magistrate (SDM), New Delhi + Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) + Attestation from BENIN  Embassy;

Attestation of Indian Commercial Documents from BENIN  Embassy

Process: Attestation by respective Chamber Of Commerce + Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) + Attestation from BENIN  Embassy

Collection & Delivery process:

1) You or your authorized representative can personally deliver the certificates in our office; or 2) You may also courier your documents to our office.

Mode of Payment:

You may wish to take any of the following routes for making the payment of required fees and service charges: 1) Send Cheque/Demand Drafts

2) Deposit cash in our bank account and mail the deposit receipt 3) Transfer the amount online through Net Banking

4) Debit/Credit card Accepted

5) Digital Wallet Payment Accepted

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Educational Certificates

1- Original Certificates

2- Passport Copy

3- Xerox copy of the Original Certificates.

Non-Educational / Personal Certificates

1- original documents

2- passport copy

3- Xerox of Original Documents

Commercial Certificates

1- Original Documents

2- Copy of the Original Documents

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