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Embassy Attestation 


Ecuador: Apostille and Embassy Attestation

Ecuador is a member of the Hague Convention country therefore apostille is sufficient. the Ecuador embassy is not providing an Attestation/Legalization Services.

Apostille is a type of attestation issued by the Ministry of External Affairs Government of India valid to all Hague convention countries.
Apostille looks like a square Sticker pasted backside over the certificates, containing details of the certificate and applicant name with serial number and government official seals which proves the legality of the certificate in the Hague Convention members countries.

Apostille Process for Ecuador

Step 1

Educational Documents: Authentication of the documents from HRD Department/ Home / GAD / Delhi SDM.

Non-Educational Documents: Attestation from GAD/ Home Department / Delhi SDM

Commercial Documents: Attestation from Chamber of Commerce.

Step 2

Apostille from MEA New Delhi

Any type of documents (Educational/Non Educational, Commercial Documents) can be apply for apostille thorugh an agency.

Direct Approach in MEA is not allowed for Individuls.


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