Visa Requirements



usiness (NE 1)This is issued to the foreigner, who wishes to enter the country with the purpose of undertaking commercial and entrepreneurial activities, promoting economic exchange, making investments and creating companies.

Business (NE 2)This is issued to the foreigner who wishes to enter the national territory temporarily as a business person within the framework of international instruments in force, among others: free trade agreements, association agreements and within the scope of the Pacific Alliance with the purpose of carrying out entrepreneurial management activities; promoting business transactions; developing investments; establishing the commercial presence of a company; promoting the trade of cross-border goods and services, or other activities defined in said instruments.

Business (NE 3)This is issued to the foreigner who wishes to enter the national territory as the head or representative of a governmental foreign commercial foreign office, or to the one acting as such, for the promotion of economic and commercial exchange in or with Colombia.

Business (NE 4) This is issued to the foreigner who wishes to enter the national territory as the president or senior executive of a multinational company to make investments and create companies.


  • A 3x4 cm passport size photograph JPG format up to 300 KB and documents in PDF format requirement of maximum 3 MB for all documents.

  • Fill out the visa application, electronically following this link:- or in person, at the issuing office. In the case of artistic, sports and cultural groups, the visa application may be filled out by their representative by detailing the data of each one of the members of the group.

  • The passport or travel document should be in good condition, with a validity of no less than one hundred and eighty (180) days and with a minimum of two (2) blank pages.

  • Attach a copy of the main page of the valid passport where the personal data of the holder appear.

  • A copy of the page of the Passport that has the last entry to or exit from Colombia stamp, as the case may be.

  • Foreigners who have applied for and been granted a visa without a QR code or OCR must attach a copy of the most recent Colombian visa.

  • Letter from the legal representative of the legal entity or public, private or mixed entity incorporated in the country promoting the visit of the foreigner, identifying the activities to be carried out, the economic sector, investment plans, stating that it is responsible for him/her during his/her stay in the country. The letter should be accompanied by enough information enabling the verification of the existence and legal representation of the company. The interested party must inform in detail the number of the mercantile registry, the registered name of the company, the domicile and the tax identification number (NIT) of the company,o

  • Letter from the legal representative of the foreign commercial, industrial or service company promoting the visit of the foreigner to the country, indicating the activities to be carried out, the economic sector, the investment plans, stating that the foreign company or legal entity is responsible for him/her during his/her stay in the country, along with the certificate of incorporation and legal representation, or a similar document, depending on the country of origin, or

  • Letter of invitation and/or presentation of the Business Visa applicant from the Chamber of Commerce of governmental commercial promotion or investments office of the country of origin, or of residence, indicating the activities that the business person will carry out in the country.

  • The authority in charge of the issuance of visas shall have the power to conduct interviews and request more documentation in the cases it considers it is convenient, whether personally or through an adequate means of communication.

  • The holders of the visas whose duration exceeds three (3) months, as well as their beneficiaries, shall register at the foreigners' registry of the Special Colombia Migration Administrative Unit within the fifteen (15) calendar days counted from their entry into the country or from the issuance date of the visa if it was issued in the national territory; or within the fifteen (15) days following their entry into Colombia if the visa was issued at a Consulate.

  • All the necessary documents for the granting of any of the visas, in Colombia or abroad, must be legalized or must have an apostille, as the case may be, and translated by an official translator into Spanish, if written in a different language.

  • The documents issued in Colombia, supporting or being part of the requirements of a visa applied for before a Colombian consulate abroad, do not need to be legalized and do not need an Apostille.

Note : - Embassy may asked for additional documents or personal presence at the time of submission or after the submission






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